Our Vision

We aim to reach the point where fundraising and investing are fully decentralized, open to all projects, and unrestricted from limits and borders.
Anyone with a good idea will have the opportunity to share it on our platform, and other users that believe in the concept, can become investors or donators, and help the creators in developing their idea into a working project that generates profits for both parties, by sending them crypto assets.
The future of crowdfunding and investing will be redefined with IDEAS.

Share your idea


Upload your project, present it to worldwide possible investors.



Check all different uploaded projects,
invest in a project, or donate to a certain cause.



As an entrepreneur, you'll fund your project and achieve its success, and as an investor, will make profits.


IDEAS Token has a total supply of 300 million tokens,
distributed as follows:

image image





What is going on?

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IDEAS đź’ˇ
Concept & Vision

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How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

IDEAS is a project that aims at changing both the way people can fund their projects, and the way ‎people can invest in projects, to a fully decentralized, open, and borderless way.
Thereby, we created a token, called IDEAS, whose symbol is IDS, an investment platform, and a ‎phone application, dedicated to achieving this goal.

‎ The IDEAS platform will be a creative shared space that works on cryptocurrency and brings ‎together entrepreneurs, investors, and skills, in a place where anyone can post their project, to find ‎interested investors from all over the world.

‎ It is important to mention that the IDEAS platform will be divided into two sections:‎
The first one is the "Investment Platform" which is a fully decentralized platform, for all kinds of ‎projects.
Users will be free to post their ideas/startups without any restrictions or any control from ‎IDEAS or any other third party, and this will allow entrepreneurs and investors to work together ‎without any limitations or interventions.

‎ The second one is the "Recruitment Platform" which will be dedicated for business owners to post ‎their job offers, and freelancers from all over the world will be able to apply and bid to take the paid ‎tasks.

‎ All the payment transactions for the process above will be using cryptocurrencies.‎

The main idea behind this platform is to maintain a decentralized crowdfunding for different projects and startups in ‎several domains, where entrepreneurs will be linked to investors/donators.
It will be a fully ‎decentralized platform, without any limitations or constraints on the types of posted projects.
This will ‎help expose your project to investors across the globe with different interests.

Moreover, the ‎relationship between the entrepreneurs and the investors will be without any limitations or ‎interventions.
Users need to be holders of IDEAS Token in order to have the right to participate in this platform as an ‎entrepreneur or as an investor.‎
The agreement terms, payment terms, type of cryptocurrency to be used, are to be agreed upon ‎between the two parties according to private contracts between them.

One of the main ideas behind the IDEAS investment platform is to keep all the processes 100% decentralized, so no check will be performed from IDEAS on any entrepreneur or any project!

Instead, we will make it possible for each entrepreneur to build his own profile completely, and post it on the platform to gain the trust of the investors through the quality of posted material and presentation.
The profile of an entrepreneur will include the ID, CV, skills, recent work, and all other useful information that can help empower the profile and show its true value.

Also for each posted project, there will be a section where the entrepreneur can present his idea/startup to the fullest, by posting the business plan, the needed technical information, the white paper, and all other related information.

All this information can be uploaded in texts, documents, images, or videos.

It is the sole responsibility of the investor to check and validate the posted info about the entrepreneur or the posted project, before taking any decision.

The Recruitment Platform will be an active shared space that works on cryptocurrency and brings ‎together business owners, and freelancers from all over the world.
As a business owner, you will be able to publish a job offer for a task to be completed within a ‎specified timeline.
As a Freelancer, you will be able to apply to take on the offered task and bid for it.‎
Users need to be holders of IDEAS Token in order to have the right to participate in this platform as a ‎business owner or as a freelancer.‎
The agreement terms, payment terms, type of cryptocurrency to be used, are to be agreed upon ‎between the two parties according to private contracts between them.‎



We will try our best to stick with the following roadmap.

  • Milestone 1
  • Publish Website and Media
  • Deploy token
  • Securing liquidity, audit
  • Audit Code
  • Milestone 2
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • DOXXING the founders
  • CMC & CG Listing
  • Deploy Lottery Function
  • Publish Platform V0.1

  • Milestone 3
  • Migration to Ethereum
  • Investment platform
    (2023 Q1-Q4)
  • Recruitment platform
    (2024 Q1-Q4)
  • Phone application (2024 Q4)
  • CEX Listing
  • Milestone 4
  • Partnering with large projects
  • Listing on more CEX
  • NFT for projects
  • More to come later


A diligent team of engineers and developers with over 10 years of experience, passionate about giving their best.


Adam Safwan

CEO & Founder

Ibrahim Cherri


Our Community

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