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Our Vision

IDEAS aims to revolutionize fundraising and investing by creating a decentralized platform, accessible to all projects, and functions using cryptocurrencies.
Entrepreneurs with promising startup ideas can share them on the platform, to receive support from investors or donors in the form of cryptocurrency.

Upload your project, present it to worldwide possible investors.

Check all different uploaded projects,
invest in a project, or donate to a certain cause.



As an entrepreneur, you'll fund your project and achieve its success, and as an investor, you will make profits.


IDEAS Token has a fixed total supply equal to 300 Million tokens.
Distributed as follows (After the migration to Ethereum):

image image

What is going on?

IDEAS 💡 Platform Introduction!

Learn more about the IDEAS Platform in this video.

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Concept & Vision

Learn more about the concept
of IDEAS in this video.

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Migration to
Ethereum Blockchain!

IDEAS is migrating to Ethereum blockchain, find all the details here!

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How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

IDEAS is a decentralized autonomous application platform, designed to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and skills in a shared space that operates using cryptocurrencies.

IDEAS aims to revolutionize the way people can fund and invest in projects.
We've created an ERC20 token called IDEAS, a decentralized autonomous platform, and a mobile application to achieve this goal.

The IDEAS platform is divided into two sections: the Investment Platform and the Recruitment Platform.

The Investment Platform is where users can post their ideas/startups without restrictions or control from IDEAS or any other third party.

The Recruitment Platform allows business owners to post job offers, and freelancers from all over the world can apply and bid on paid tasks.

All payment transactions will be made using cryptocurrencies.

The IDEAS Platform allows users to:

Post their projects to attract potential investors.
Borrow cryptocurrencies from other users.
Request donations for their causes or projects.
Post job assignments to find suitable freelancers.

The investment platform is a place where entrepreneurs and project creators can share their ideas and startups in order to find possible investors or donators.

This platform offers three key functionalities:
1- Borrowing Function: In which you can borrow crypto assets from other users to finance your project.
2- Donation Function: In which you can receive donations from other users who believe in your project and want to support its development.
3- Investment Function: In which others can invest in your project, with the aim of generating profits for both parties in the future.

Note that the investment platform is still under construction. As we make progress and deliver its functionalities, more information on it will be made available to the public.

The Recruitment Platform is an active shared space that works on cryptocurrency and brings together business owners, and freelancers from all over the world.

As a business owner, you can post a job offer for a task to be completed within a specified timeline, while freelancers can apply and bid for the task.



We will try our best to stick with the following roadmap.

  • Milestone 1
  • Publish Website and Media
  • Deploy token
  • Securing liquidity, audit
  • Audit Code
  • Milestone 2
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • DOXXING the founders
  • CMC & CG Listing
  • Deploy Lottery Function
  • Publish Platform V0.1

  • Milestone 3
  • Migration to Ethereum
  • Investment platform
    (2023 Q1-Q4)
  • Recruitment platform
    (2024 Q1-Q4)
  • Phone application (2024 Q4)
  • CEX Listing
  • Milestone 4
  • Partnering with large projects
  • Listing on more CEX
  • NFT for projects
  • More to come later


A diligent team of engineers and developers with over 10 years of experience, passionate about giving their best.


Adam Safwan

CEO & Founder

Ibrahim Cherri